Chromatography Equipment


This is just a small sample of some of our current chromatography equipment inventory we currently have on-hand. Give us a call if you are looking for something not listed here.

All of our chromatography modules/systems have been completely refurbished (with quality factory parts) to either meet or exceed manufacturers operational specifications for chromatography equipment and related.

Please mention that you saw our chromatography equipment on our web site and save an additional 5% off SCC prices listed below. If there is other chromatography equipment you need, but don’t see listed here…please call us and we’ll do our best to help you with your chromatography equipment needs.

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chromatography equipment modules / systems
Agilent 6850 Gas Chromatograph
Split/Splitless, FID
Agilent 6890N Gas Chromatograph
Packed Front Inlet, Split/Splitless Back,
Dual FID
Agilent VWD”Condition:Fully Tested andRefurbished” $2,000.00 Add to Cart
Agilent 6890 Plus/5973N GC/MS System, fully refurbished w/PC and software SOLD SOLD SOLD
Agilent 8453 “Condition:Refurbished” $5,000.00 Add to Cart
$1,000.00 Add to Cart
$1,245.00 Add to Cart
$2,845.00 Add to Cart
$1,245.00 Add to Cart
$1,845.00 Add to Cart
$1,045.00 Add to Cart
$1,900.00 Add to Cart
$2,199.00+S&H Add to Cart
Various HPLC Modules For Sale Call For Pricing
$2,200.00 Add to Cart
$1,300.00 Add to Cart
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chromatography equipment inventoryAs our quality chromatography equipment inventory is always changing, please give us a call or contact us at SC Chromatography Equipment Department for a more up-to-date chromatography equipment inventory list and any system information you may need. We’re here and eager to service and to help you with all your chromatography equipment needs!

Equipment Surplus:
Extra 1050 boards(new) and 1050 modules in stock!
We have a ton of 1050 boards and 1050 modules in stock and priced to move. Call for more information on bundled boards!

Our chromatography services include: moving, installations, repairs, maintenance, training, method development, and chromatography equipment qualification..